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“We are Intended to be buried by the sands of time, and to become yet another ghost of this planet, as were the civilizations that preceded us”


Can found complete biography in her first book, “Puppet – MariKa’s true story”, Matteo Nenna’s Publisher, december 2014. Here, you will find only a little part.

She was born biological male on 1970, in Manfredonia. Born female on June 11, 2011 in Bologna (ITALY).

She lived for twenty years in the hometown. In 1997 moved to work in Bologna, where she’s lived until december 2014. Second child in a family of four children (first male child). She married (as a man), then separating in 2014. She had three children with the same woman. From January 1990 to October 2014, employed as Sergeant Major of the Italian Army.

After a long journey of acceptance, which has faced several attempts to conditionings committed to his injury from the family and social, began to undergo estrogen therapy and delicate surgery to correct the mismatch to her real perceived identity.

Tired of indoctrination received, proved to be totally false to her, following her desire for truth, she decided to refute all the teachings and was back to study.

Always searching the truth and moved by the unwavering desire to know and understand, that ambition is for all individuals quelled by the current organization structure of society, families and religious, began to read books of philosophy (Plato, Seneca, Tacitus, Ovid, F. Savater, B. Russell, Hegel, Nietzsche F.W.), religion (Bible, Koran, Torah, St. Augustine, Gandhi), evolutionism (Darwin, R. Dawkins, Dennett D.C.), and social thought (O. Fallaci, A. Einstein, I. Kant, K. Popper, A. Schopenhauer), social control (N. Chomsky, M. Simonazzi, David Icke), psychology and psychiatry (S. Freud, C.G. Jung) and alternative readings (M. Biglino, TC Leedom, A. Kadmon).

Currently, is poetess, writer and illustrator Transgender, and publish her works (Matteo Nenna’s Publisher).

Despite her incomplete and immature knowledge, driven by an unwavering desire for justice and truth, disenchanted by the illusions of life, sinks with canny irony and critical issues very burning and discussed.

Never tires of expressing in the books published, all the discontent and her desire for freedom and de-conditioning socio-cultural, placing itself in a state of balance in administering the deep sense of justice that moves. Very lonely, has embarked on a difficult path both physical and intellectual, that will surely lead to evolve and live in a more peaceful and serene with herself and others.

Her emotions combined with news, allow to create her works (poems, novels and paintings). This example is evident by examining the poems that, at first glance, might seem not written by the same hand. Because she “live” her emotions. The poem “all parents are rabbits” for example, was created in honor of her parents, after their attempt to recondition.

The topics of her writings and poems, concern the LGBT community (homosexuality, transsexuality, etc.) as well as on issues such as social politics, the environment, hatred and love.


“Puppet – MariKa’s true story”, autobiographic book called “Novel”, Matteo Nenna’s Publisher, december 2014; “FucK the IDIOTS”, is the first of a series of book’s for a new  conscious Umanity”.

Coming soon

Her first poem book, “Poems of Hate and Love for a world without a shred of heart” and the whole series of her pamphlets:


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