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“Intirely dedicated to all victims: those of the masters of the planet, the authors of the global catastrophe that is about to invest us; victims of homo-lesbian-transphobia, femicide, bullying and discrimination; all those who have been or are still subject to abuses perpetrated on the basis of sex, habits and customs, skin color and creed; those who died for the attacks; finally, to the victims of unscrupulous people who preach false gods and false saints. To all the victims of violence and hatred perpetrated by ignorant people who are afraid to change. For all the deceased I can only say: REST IN PEACE. To all who are still alive I say: NEVER STOP YOU TO FIGHT. “

MariKa’s words


“FucK IDIOTS – The whole world country is”

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Who are IDIOTS?
ME? You? All human?
When in the name of a religion or a alleged superiority, we do serious acts that violate the basic rights of a person, then…
Despite the human evolution, we still hear that the woman can not wear a TIR and must dress in pink. We see massacres committed in the name of “God”. We see bailouts of banks and sinking of boats because, lives are worth less than money. We hear ignorant people saying they have the right to call a homosexual person, “frocio”. And while people sleep, while world capitalism advances, we are crushed and distracted with unnecessary problems by what they hide: some IDIOTS hidden in the shadows, prepare the fourth reset of planet Earth.


Our institutional representatives?
Instead of making laws so that the discrimination disappears and prosecute those responsible for these crimes, they think to filling their pockets with money, taking advantage from millionaires contracts on public works: the blood of the people. And they waste time discussing useless topics, filling our heads with frivolous things, making us lose sight of the greatest goal we have not reached. They are puppets in the hands of those who really govern this world: isn’t never existed left and right government, but only capitalism, bombs, favors and fear.


And the men of “God”? What are they doing?
For them, anything that gets between “God” and the traditional family, “is the trojan horse that will destroy society.” But we know very well that it isn’t about God, but power: the only hegemonic power counts. The rest is misery to be left to the sheep: doesn’t it seem strange that it is they who tell that God loves the poor? And that the way to approach God is suffering?


And the common people, what they do?
People are divided into two: one part, is content to be the flock led by these pastors who do well in words, and instead foment hate, discrimination and rape children; the other, composed of awake and still sleeping people, represent the excess mass to be kept at bay and destroy. If in some way you have felt or are still discriminated against, if you are aware of not being born to suffer, but to live a worthy and happy life, if you are convinced that you can make a difference, this book is suitable for you. Truly, this book is suitable to all people.


Topic of the pamphlet: equality of human rights.
Other topic: psychology, psychiatry, eugenics, epigenetics, biopolitics, racism, religion, conscience and self-realization, conspiracy, evolution, mass control and mind control.


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