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“Poems of Hate and Love for a world without a shred of heart”


This poetry book is entirely devoted to my children: they are the light of my soul, I couldn’t live without them.
I hope they grow up with the knowledge that living diversity, it means to live the world. I hope they understand that being influenced by stereotypes and behavioral patterns means losing theyr awareness: being influenced by what is required, means lose the sense of oneness, of uniqueness, of autonomy and freedom that allows the creativity of every human being, to discover new solutions to everyday problems.
This is what has always characterized the human race.
This feature has enabled us to evolve from unicellular organisms to the dominant species on our planet.
Nobody has the right to change what we are.
Thank you my children, the fear of losing you, made me realize that I had to change, and I did it only with the hope that one day you could see life with all the colors that nature has given us.”

MariKa’s words

Book details
A shocking worldview entirely told through poetry.
Poems with the theme Love:
“Love poetry 1” – Beautiful poem of Love.
“Calimero” – Central theme: the duality of a (mtf) transsexual, rejected by a virtual lover (woman).
“My medicine” – Love is a wonderful medicine.
Poems on society:
“Kill your eyes” – The eyes of the society, are unable to show us the beauty of the world.
“Pig priest” – A man of “God” who rapes a child and who can not accept his sin.
Poems dedicated to humans and animals:
“Dirty dog” – An abandoned dog from a man without heart.
“Dishonest policeman” – A policeman who does not do their job, it is a dishonest?

And much more…


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e-Book ITA 978-88-940483-X-X UnAvailable € 0,00
e-Book Eng 978-88-940483-X-X UnAvailable € 0,00

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