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“The greatness of the human being is not measured by the length of the penis but by elevation of the mind, and as not measured by the depth of the vagina, but by the depth of emotion that the mind is able to give!”


“Puppet – MariKa’s True Story”

Autobiographical book called from the author: “Romance”.

MariKa DeSantis is a Transsexual poetess, writer, designer and publisher.
She has lived with depression for forty years after that, a number of (un)lucky accidents, have distorted her life. Rediscovering be transsexual woman, opposed since childhood, she was forced against her will to face a hostile world that does not accept people like her.
In this book, with a pinch of irony and a bit of poetry, by adding a sprinkle of sex, explains what happened to her.
In the first part of this book, you will find: poetry, sex, irony, false self, traumatic dissociation, molasses, eugenics, discrimination and prejudice, blue eyes, guilt, shame, mussel, fear and anger, magic box, toilet, epigenetic and much, much more …

A real thriller.


In the second part, is treated acceptance of themselves, often disfigured in favor of the cultural heritage and teachings. Non-acceptance of themselves, leading to disastrous psychological consequences for the individual, who lives in constant fear of appearing “different”, in hiding from others and not to conduct a full and happy life.


Book details
Two different women: one destiny.
A psychologist homosexual: exceptional.
A thirteen girl: mistake or whim?
Life and mind: unknown.
World exploding: really fun.
Modern society: a real failure.
Guilt: devastating.
Two women, a man and a child, one thing in common: life.
The teachings that give us are fair?
Only water can wipe the dirt, only water can purify everything. Try the water, and the world will be free, because it will be YOU.

ISBN Code and Books format




FORMAT Language ISBN Code Avaibility Price
e-Book ITA 978-88-940483-3-9 Available € 4,99
Printed Only 200 copies ITA 978-88-940483-0-8 UnAvailable € 19,90
e-Book Eng 978-88-940483-X-X UnAvailable € 4,99


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